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Supporting Sparkle

Last night I was invited to the Sparkle "Sporting Heroes" event with fellow athletes Jordan Howe and Steve Morris.

Sparkle are a great children's charity based in Rogerstone, Newport who work with children with a disability and/or developmental difficulty.

Sparkle, we were founded in 2001. The charity operates from the Serennu Children’s Centre in Newport which is a purpose built centre providing care, treatment and activities for children and young people (and through association their families) with disabilities and developmental difficulties from Newport, south Monmouthshire and south Torfaen.

Serennu Children’s Centre is unique in that it offers co-location for Aneurin Bevan’s outpatient services for children and young people with disabilities and developmental difficulties, along with Sparkle and social services. This means that families benefit from provision of treatment, care, information, consultations and leisure services from under one roof. This eases tremendously the burden on individual families and provides continuity of care for children and young people.

Sparkle provides a range of activities and support for children and young people with disabilities and their families which seek to improve the quality of life. They engage with over 250 children / young people / parents per week, which when combined with on-off activities and special events results in 16,000 contacts per year.

It was a real pleasure ti be part of their 'Sporting Heroes' event as part of a special Q&A with fellow Welsh Paralympians, with the aim of inspiring young people to look in to sport.

Find out more about their amazing work at

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